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Canning Plant iron box suitable for popular gift packaging

* 来源: Good Torch Enterprise Corp * 作者: twa133 * 发表时间: 2018/12/27 12:57:27 * 浏览: 146
    Iron box not only provides a heat, but also because of the complete isolation of environmental 
elements of the closed system, color biscuits food due to light, oxygen, moisture and deterioration, 
will not be due to aroma through the fade or by the environmental smell through pollution and 
taste, canning plant biscuit iron Box food storage is better than other packaging raw materials, 
vitamin C, protein preservation rate is the highest , the preservation of nutrients is also the best.With
 the approaching of the new year, large and small businesses are seriously preparing for the annual
 shopping malls, corporate companies, friends and family between the gifts are inevitable good 
packaging, love, festive, auspicious and so on as the representative of the Chinese traditional 
cultural ideas to choose sophisticated packaging to express, Cookie iron box is a very good gift 
packaging choice.

    Iron Box packaging Follow people's consumer demand changes and consumption level forward, 
iron box packaging put forward more and higher requirements, iron box packaging from iron boxes,
 cartons, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, bamboo basket and so on, and other comparisons, on the 
one hand, canning plant metal printing can use a variety of new inks and advanced printing
 technology, Make the printing mask have excellent gloss, more beautiful.