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1984 –  Good Torch Enterprise Corp. (“GTE”) was established in central Taiwan area – Chunghua
1992 -  Dongguan Yicheng Can Making Co., Ltd. (“Yicheng”) was established in Tangxia Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China
1997 -  Yicheng carried out 2nd Phase Plant Expansion Project, including construction of new Forming Building and refurbishment of Dormitory Building as well as supplementation of new equipment and workers and gradual implementation ISO 9002 International Quality Certification System.
1999 -  ISO 9002 (TÜV) certified.  With abundant resources in China, daily tinplate consumption was 30 tons and daily output was 300K tin boxes approximately.
2002 -  ISO 9001 (TÜV) certified.  Yicheng carried out 3rd Phase Plant Expansion Project, including new Forming Building, Dormitory Building & Office Building.  Completion of project was in 2004 and put into operation in April 2005.
2006 -  Embarked on automation of production equipment, clean room set-up, forming workshop reorganized and explored market of food-grade tin boxes.
2007 -  GMA-SAFE certified.  For the self-improvement of product quality, technology and efficiency, we purchased Japan Fuji printing & coating machines to expand Tin Printing business.
2010 -  Luckily got through international financial crisis.  For the transformation and upgrading industrial technology, establishment of technological innovation projects, expansion production lines of automation equipment, improvement of production efficiency and manpower reduction, all these efforts are for responding to changes in the market environment and for increasing productivity and competitiveness, these efforts will be never ending.
2012 -  Implemented plant refurbishment and got ISO 22000 Certification of Food Safety Management.
2013 -  Yicheng celebrated 20-year Anniversary.