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Coatings play an important role in the metal prints of tea iron boxes

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    Coatings play an important role in the metal printed tea iron box, it can be said that there is no 
paint, it is difficult to have metal printing presence.Metal flat printing is not the ultimate goal, but 
the beautification of metal packaging means, the purpose is to make all kinds of metal containers, 
such as iron cans, cosmetic tank boxes, various types of bottle caps, toys and so on.To make the 
graphics printed on the tinplate dazzling, inseparable from the special role of paint.

     Paint is a pigment or pigment free, resin and oil made of chemical products, coated on the 
packaging material or container surface can be dried into a continuous, uniform, firm thin layer 
protective film.In a word, the tea iron box coating is a coating material represented by paint.In 
order to be able to better meet people's needs, so the production of iron box is very important to 
pay attention to.

     Iron box Packaging color collocation, the main can let consumers from the tea box packaging 
color can perceive the iron box packaging items, at a glance.But there are many products in the 
market packaging color is not to achieve this effect.For example, tea, generally used in green 
packaging, stimulating color can arouse the attention of customers, such as Big red, alcohol, pastries
 in many of the use of red.Pink, Goose yellow to express a sense of closeness, warmth.Therefore, 
food packaging is generally used in this type of color packaging.